What is marketing automation? Why do you need it?

Marketing automation is a very young trend. Units of marketing specialists know about this concept, and even fewer people can introduce this technology in the working business. With the increase in the cost of human labor, the system should replace people. In the beginning, it was in mechanical engineering, now on the Internet. It is only possible if you implement the bpmonline.com/crm/marketing-automation-platform marketing automation platform.
It provides automation of routine business processes by means of special software which analyzes actions of your clients and makes personal offers on the basis of the obtained data. The main idea of automation of marketing — to exclude routine work of people and to replace them with robots so that people could be focused on highly intellectual work.
It is important to understand that automation of marketing is not only chaotic mailing, calls, the SMS or chats bots. It is an integrated approach. Most of the people confuse automatic mailing of letters and maintaining transactions in CRM with marketing automation.
Guys, if you do email-mailing, and your managers call from Customer Relationship Management System – it is not the automation of marketing. It is simple automation of separate business processes.

Who needs marketing automation?

Everyone who has clients and:

● wanttoautomatebusinessprocesses
● botheredtopayhugesalaries
● botheredtokickemployees
● tiredof a routine

In what niches it is possible to introduce marketing automation?

The answer very simple — in all.

No matter what do you do: different tools for different requirements are used. Sale of yachts or sale of dog food — no matter. Naturally, there is a kernel around which all processes are based. If you are the skeptic about new technologies, open the mind and allow to come new information.


● There are several stages of automation of marketing
● Creationandadvanceofcontent
● Advertising campaign (technologies which provide the entering traffic)
● Converting of leads (tools for receiving a contact information, channels of communication)
● Interaction with leads (email, the SMS, calls, push, chat bots)

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