Perfect Options for the Proper Cloud Support Now

Not so long ago we wrote about organizing your digital life and about backing up in the cloud. But what exactly is cloud storage? How does it work? And is it so smart to keep your whole thing and keep it there?

You may already be using the cloud, but you still do not know how it works. You are certainly not the only one, as you can see in the video below. Do you want to know more about cloud storage? Below we explain when the cloud is conceived, how the principle of the cloud works and how it is with your privacy.

Do you know where all your files end up?

Without thinking about it, you can read and send daily e-mails. You download, upload, stream and save. But do you ever wonder where all those digital data are going and how it gets there? What happens when you put files, photos and videos on the internet or in the cloud? We went to investigate for you.

What is the cloud?

Store your files everywhere and nowhere and use them anywhere, that’s the principle of the cloud. Nowadays there are immense computers all over the world (read: servers and data centers) and we are connected to it via the internet. That is the basis for cloud storage. But where does the term ‘cloud’ come from? In the 1990s, when the worldwide web was experiencing explosive growth, techies were already using drawings of clouds to describe the first networks. They were engineers from the Compaq brand who patented the term ‘cloud computing’ and in 1996 Steve Jobs of Apple also described a kind of cloud. From iWV (ICONZ-WEBVISIONS PTE LTD) this is important.


The cloud storage is very safe

You do not have to worry about it. Firstly, because all cloud companies benefit from protecting your data as well as possible. All your files in the cloud are stored encrypted and data centers are very well protected against hackers. Of course it is even safer to put all your files on your own hard drive and store them in a safe. But sharing your holiday photos with travel companions will cost you much more time and effort.

  • The most popular cloud services: cloud, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive and Drop box.
  • Good alternatives: Box, Sugar Sync and MEGA.
  • Create your own private cloud with, for example, My Cloud from Western Digital. Then you have your own ‘data center’ with gigabytes of storage space that you can access anywhere.
  • Many cloud services offer free storage space. With the Dutch Tran sip you get 1 TB for free. This is 1000 GB.

For storage space between 500 GB and 1 TB average around 10 euros per month. But there is a considerable price war going on, so prices fall regularly. At Box you get for example unlimited storage space for 12 euros per month.

The Right Development You Can Expect for the Software Now

When a need in terms of web applications is identified, and a project is going to be initiated, the question usually arises: software or specific development?

Of course you know our expertise and the talent we put at your service to realize the application of your dreams to measure. However, the question is serious enough that we take the time to analyze the weak points and strengths of each solution, and perhaps to identify the contexts that favor one or the other. In software development this is important now.

The software

The software is by definition a standard solution shared, offering a range of features to meet the needs of the largest number of users possible. (We can integrate into the term “software” solutions in SAAS mode, which are ultimately online software).

For example a text processing software that we will call “Word” will answer both the grandfather who will want to write the minutes of his last meeting of former gunners 39-45 as the financial director of a multinational in charge to publish to the members of the management committee a detailed activity report on the last 4 months.

The main advantages of software that we identify:

  • Speed ​​of implementation
  • Lower initial cost (shared costs: design, development, tests)
  • standardized
  • Requires less involvement on the client side

Specific development

Specific development is a tailor-made solution (as opposed to “ready-to-wear”) that is designed and built to meet the specific needs of the customer. The latter will play the role of product manager to monitor and validate the implemented features.

To continue our example, our grandfather will have a solution for simple text editing, no frills: bold italic, underlined backup and printing. No color, direct mail or internet. Custom made what. (That said to choose, we hope to be rather consulted by the financial director for the realization of his personalized project)

The main advantages of software that we identify:

  • 100% customized and responsive solution while following business processes
  • Only offers the expected features. No mess.
  • Integration and interfacing with the existing facilities. By definition we do what we want so …
  • Lets stand out and innovate
  • Business team more involved
  • Possible evolutions
  • No recurring license cost or limitation in the number of users

Privilege the software for a standard need

In conclusion, the software solution will be perfectly adapted to meet standard needs such as payroll, office automation. It will also be the right option for a client who will have little financial and human resources for his computer application project or for someone who is not sure of his need and who will be reassured to test the application over a period of time. (Easily achievable nowadays with the solutions in SAAS mode).

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