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What is marketing automation? Why do you need it?

Marketing automation is a very young trend. Units of marketing specialists know about this concept, and even fewer people can introduce this technology in the working business. With the increase in the cost of human labor, the system should replace people. In the beginning, it was in mechanical engineering, now on the Internet. It is only possible if you implement the marketing automation platform.
It provides automation of routine business processes by means of special software which analyzes actions of your clients and makes personal offers on the basis of the obtained data. The main idea of automation of marketing — to exclude routine work of people and to replace them with robots so that people could be focused on highly intellectual work.
It is important to understand that automation of marketing is not only chaotic mailing, calls, the SMS or chats bots. It is an integrated approach. Most of the people confuse automatic mailing of letters and maintaining transactions in CRM with marketing automation.
Guys, if you do email-mailing, and your managers call from Customer Relationship Management System – it is not the automation of marketing. It is simple automation of separate business processes.

Who needs marketing automation?

Everyone who has clients and:

● wanttoautomatebusinessprocesses
● botheredtopayhugesalaries
● botheredtokickemployees
● tiredof a routine

In what niches it is possible to introduce marketing automation?

The answer very simple — in all.

No matter what do you do: different tools for different requirements are used. Sale of yachts or sale of dog food — no matter. Naturally, there is a kernel around which all processes are based. If you are the skeptic about new technologies, open the mind and allow to come new information.


● There are several stages of automation of marketing
● Creationandadvanceofcontent
● Advertising campaign (technologies which provide the entering traffic)
● Converting of leads (tools for receiving a contact information, channels of communication)
● Interaction with leads (email, the SMS, calls, push, chat bots)

Explore the fine Details for Your Reputation management

Experts on Internet marketing spent a lot of time on the formulation of tips for managing the online rating of small businesses and writing reviews about them. However, the reputation of the company as a whole can have a much greater effect than individual reviews published about you in Yelp and Google.

There is hardly a company today that does not occasionally encounter customer claims. Ideally, the problem can be resolved before the consumer decides to bring it to the forum for general discussion or wants to warn other people of cooperation with your company. With the advent of the Internet, the barriers between customers have almost disappeared now “word of mouth” began to work literally at the speed of light. For the right Reputation Management this is important deal now.

Online Local Reputation Management

Even if your company is better than the closest competitors, it can be useless if its reputation is spoiled.But, if you have prepared in advance and thought out tactics of fighting online criticism against your company, the negative impact of one or two consumer complaints can be significantly weakened, and you will be able to find a quick and effective response and thereby reduce your financial losses.

You cannot neglect the management of reputation

Many small businesses, neglecting proactive reputation management, are in the position of a convenient target. When the presence of your company on the Internet is slightly wider than your own website, you are potentially at risk, because someone can create a site specifically for attacks on you or simply write negative comments on social networks that will then be associated with your company’s name in search output. If your company has already won its place in the market, people will often look for it on the Internet by the name of the brand, so the presence of links to negative reviews in reputation issuance can have a direct impact on your net profit.

  • The management of the company’s reputation on the Internet and its restoration is the direction of online marketing, which is very popular. The company has developed many cases for the restoration of reputation, and therefore they can say with certainty that if the owners of the enterprise do not invest in managing their Internet reputation in advance, then most likely they will have to pay much more later, because, in addition to the already incurred losses, it will be necessary to restore the reputation and re-build the strategy of the company’s behavior on the Internet.

If the company’s reputation is closely related to the names of its owners / founders, then the reputation of these people also needs proactive management. The owners came across many leaders who try to stay in the shadows and therefore, in order to avoid publicity, do not want to be present in any form in social networks. When there is no information on the name of the manager, it, again, becomes a convenient target for causing reputational harm, if suddenly someone decides to do it.

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